Happy birthday to me. Ladyboy attempt #310 – Result: failed.

Written By bryanboy

Whip out those orange Hermes and brown Vuitton gift boxes because it’s my 18th (+5 don’t tell anyone) birthday today. It’s funny how I’m getting closer to being a stale 20-something yet I can still feel youth running in my veins.

I threw a small party on Saturday night with some of my closest local friends and it was alright. We had dinner at Cuisine restaurant and went to the vip area of this club "Embassy" for booze.


(That’s Gian, who works for the designers "As Four" in New York, my designer friend Tina, who, at 36 or something, looks fantastic — yes, she’s really that young — she even has an 8 year old son, and then moi)

Before the party, my sister and I checked in at the New World Renaissance hotel (who owes a MAJOR reno/overhaul) on Saturday afternoon. Although the hotel is crap, it’s centrally located, as in, no more than 10 meters from the shops. Figured it’s better to stay there rather than going home at 6 in the morning as a casualty.

To be honest, I almost had no outfit to wear. I ordered a few outfits from Kitson Los Angeles and D&G in the US but both packages got stuck in customs. I guess I’ll save those outfits for my holiday this week. I ended up spening the rest of the afternoon on Saturday looking around at the mall to find something to wear but I ended up buying accessories instead.

I mean, I can’t show up dressed like this:


I’m too fat to be wearing an outfit like that. Only real tall and skinny people can pull it off.

Oh the pleasure and the fun of borrowing your sister’s outfits and dressing up when no one in the general public is looking eh? When most of my peers have played dressed up with their mother’s clothes, pearls and make up, I’m telling you, I was deprived of such activity when I was a child. That’s alright though — it’s much fun doing it when you’re in your teens.

Anyway, I bought some sunglasses at Yves Saint Laurent, a couple of keychains from Prada (the airplane ones were cute, even bought one of the old robot charms), and a pair of green Juicy Couture tracksuit bottoms. I ended up wearing a generic white top with my Dior corduroys, Juicy Couture chain canteen bag and my Dior boots.


Apres-dinner, my friends and I went clubbing and it was fun. Spent a few hours dancing, even saw this young arabicishbutnotfullblownmosquegoingarabic guy who looked like Jason Biggs.

As I have mentioned to one of my friends that night, overall, although it was fun, it felt as if there’s something missing. To be honest, I don’t know what that is. Perhaps I had one of those birthday blues — the bitter realization that, not only we’re getting older, we also need some form of a direction where our lives are heading at.

Oh well. I had fun though.


After checking out of the hotel yesterday, the sisterette, moi and the sisterette’s friends had lunch at M Cafe beside Ayala Museum. Sisterette Grace and I had a small row because she stole some of my kimchi before I even tasted it.



  1. Happy (belated) Birthday! You’re still quite the little hottie, and I’m glad you had a great time!

  2. E.M.M.E.T.T

    *he he* omg u’re so klass! lol and hope u had a nice birthday! btw (L) the shades

  3. Heh looks like we might have the same b’day, what a coincidence ;)
    Happy b’day, We had a party on Saturday too, check my blog for pics.

  4. “18th (+5 don’t tell anyone)”
    You almost convinced me that you’re 17 on MSN. It freaked me out thinking that I had been chatting to a 14/15yo in the past! I’m a genuine 31 I thank you!

  5. I never really thought about buying one. Well I have but not properly probably because, like you, I don’t really wear my hair up that often. Maybe i’ll have to get myself one.I have to say that I adore your blog, I love how you always write loads in each post and it seems like you really put time and effort into every post. So much better than people who just post pictures simply to make sure they are posting regularaly.

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