Giving British gay/bi boys an instant sex change.

Written By bryanboy

I’m terribly, terribly sorry for the lack of updates. I can’t believe I’ve just put you guys on a limbo and haven’t updated in ages. I’ve been extremely busy at work and I’ve been feeling down lately.

In any case, let’s get down to business.

Sometime last week, I rejoined this UK-based gay personals website called I promise you, that site is the breeding ground of bitchiness. In fact, I don’t even go there to make friends or to make sucky sucky 5 dolla offers to uncut europeans. Instead, I go there for their "boards". The boards feature is just like any online forum, except everyone there reeks of bitchiness and drama. It’s a good thing really — put those social skills into action.

I was bored one time so I decided to give these

bland Brit gay/bi boys an instant sex change.


If I were god, I’d give everyone in this planet fantastic plastic bodies… bodies that could make them earn several millions of dollars a year. So, armed with Macromedia Fireworks and, I gave them (and myself) the gift of beauty. OUTer beaty.

Click any of the thumbnails below to see my creations.

A new window will pop up with a long graphic containing a batch of hot chicks. They’re child-safe so don’t you worry about nipples and orifices being exposed to your offspring.

If the image map doesn’t work, use these links instead:


HembersI think there were 1 or 2 guys who complained how they didn’t like their dresses and how they want to be a slut versus a glamorous gal but I told them I don’t do porn — I only create beautiful people.

Now that’s all said and done, there’s this one guy, Hembers and he turned me into Paris Hilton.


They’re very hot chicks, don’t you agree?

So out of all the hot chicks you’ve seen, who do YOU think is the hottest? Answers on comments please.

Ciao for now.


  1. I do enjoy your blog, although I have never thought of any good comments. I think the “classless bitch from hell” line is hilarious.

  2. diamondstreak

    -you’re disturbingly bitchy yet somewhat amusing.
    -your choice of clothing’s appaling, do change those dior eyesores.
    -all those labels are clashing with each other.
    -you look ridiculous with all those “model” poses. you’re really not that bad but those poses do make you look like someone stuck a broomstick up you arse.

  3. You came up on my blogsnob advertising thing. So, here I am. I just watched Rocky Horror so it was ironic to run into drag. It’s great. You did an astounding job. :-)

  4. Monday Morning Musings

    This has to be the oddest post from a blog I’ve ever read. This guy found random people from a dating website and gave them sex change operations.

  5. please tell me where female to male sexchange is much it’s cost and i am a student studying.i want to go for sexchange form U.K.and please tell me the citys,hospitals,doctors in U.K. for proper sexchange.

  6. please tell me where female to male sexchange is much it’s cost and i am a student studying.i want to go for sexchange form U.K.and please tell me the citys,hospitals,doctors in U.K. for proper sexchange.

  7. Someone better than you

    You are nothing but confussed and stupid.
    The fact that you can sit there and see how
    other people live in squaler and then make fun
    of them for not having the advantages you have.
    I think your blog is so damn rediculous
    you act like your shit don’t stink and trust me honey you have a mouth full of it. Next time you make comments on less fortunate people take a look in the mirror and be grateful for what you have b/c not all of us are born with a silver spoon stuck up our ass like your self. Oh and One more litte tid bit to add ” You are the ugliest damn boy i have ever seen ” I don’t know who told you you look good but they must have been blind as a bat. Bitch

  8. Damn. That person “someone better than you” seems really fucking stupid. I’m sorry, I just had to say. His/her comment is full of mis-spelled words. Plus the the name of the commentor and the comment itself are contradictory. I love the third world. It’s full of idiots. Anyway, I think the Paris Hilton photo is the hottest!

  9. gopal basnet

    i m a male and i like also male for sex but i want change myself how i can also like female i want to marry with female please tell me how i can intrested in female also

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