Blast from the past part 2 and social awareness

Written By bryanboy

It’s 3:13 in the morning and i just got up. I hate early nights — I slept at around 10PM yesterday cause I was just dead tired (and tipsy).

I went out yesterday to meet Harvey, an acquaintance from London who is here on holiday. 4 years ago, I gatecrashed his house party in Tooting Broadway (yep. so so far.) along with a bunch of people I met online. He was here about 5 months ago and decided to come back cause he made friends blah blah.

We talk about lots of stuff. For 4 hours.

I met him at Starbucks at around 3PM. I had a latte and bought some mints.

And since I haven’t been to the big city in like 2 weeks (Makati), and the shops were literally about a 30 second walk, I decided to take a look.

I haven’t done proper browsing in a long time.

We went to Prada cause I’ve been looking for this white and turqoise silk/cashmere top but it was gone.

Then we went to Yves Saint Laurent, I bought a canvas Kahala Yachting tote in white canvas and gold leather.

Then we went to Vuitton, I bought a multicolore bracelet. I have this addiction thing with Vuitton bracelets.

Here’s a pic of my loot:


Then we took a look at Gucci. There was this nice big bag I wanted but didn’t have enough motivation to pick it up cause I’m with someone. I generally like to shop alone.

After the shops, we went to this cafe to have more drinks. I had 2 gin tonics, about 4 or 5 vodka red bulls and a perrier. Then we started talking about stuff again.

Apparently he likes this shithole of a place, Manila.

He made quite a bit of friends from all walks of life, which is nice, and he’s been to a ton of places locally even I wouldn’t be caught dead going to.

Oh yes. We’re talking about the slums, my dear. The dreaded word that nobody here really likes to talk about.

I mean, I don’t really like talking about it. Sure, it does exist. And yes, I am aware of it, not to mention I did feel guilty about all my blessings etc. But hell, in no way I have a fault whatever.

After several hours, I didn’t want to get too drunk and I was dead tired at 7PM so I called my driver to pick me up and to go home.

The slums conversation didn’t end in the big city.

When I got home, my mom was watching a documentary about the unstoppable population boom in the Philippines.

Yes, people in the slums who earn no more than US$50 per month but have not 5, not 6, not 7, heck, not even 10, but 17, 19, 21, 23 **and** 25 kids.


There was this old lady who had a child every bloody year for the past 25 years. She lives in this matchbox-sized shanty house, the same with all her kids **AND** her kid’s kids — she has 9 grandchildren already.

These people had no idea what they’ve gotten into. Well, I think they do, but they chose to lead a blind eye. Despite living in extreme poverty, they continously add more and more to the global population burden by irresponsible breeding.

And it’s mostly the catholic church’s fault. The catholic church has a huge influence here and they prohibit their followers from using artificial contraception (i.e. pills, condoms, vasectomies, etc).

Both my mom and I were COMPLETELY appalled

with what we saw. I’m gonna reiterate what she

said before — these people are nothing but poultry.

They spend their lives while laying a ton of eggs


In fact, there was even this small area about 30 miles from where I live and it was named "Addition Hills" because of the fact it was an instant population factory. 100,000 people, 60% are under the age of 15 and it keeps on adding more and more and more kids every year. Even the kids have fucking kids. Some of them only eat once a day because they simply cannot afford to feed 18 mouths. It was absolutely awful.

Sometimes I don’t even know what to feel.

Should I feel sorry for them? Or should I feel

despise and wish genocide to do them a HUGE


These days, I’m leaning towards the genocide bit because it’s just sad. Really sad. There’s far too many rodents and vermin in the world already yet they continously and irresponsibly add more cockroaches in this planet.

Bah. I can’t believe I’m stressing out over this. I have my extraction facial in about 13 hours and I have to be fresh looking or else I’ll get another sermon from my aesthetician.


  1. yeah, the disparity between social classes is unbelievable. does a middle class even exist?
    only my lola on my dad’s side still lives there, and they were…i wouldn’t say rich, but had katulong and stuff. i thought everybody did.
    the last time i was there was in ’96. i arrived around 11pm, and when we got to Rizal, i saw people wheeling carts stacked with containers. my uncle said they were gathering water for the night because the city shuts it off.
    i couldn’t believe it. after an 18-hour flight, all i wanted to do was *take a shower.* but Tito Kuya assured me i could because Mama had a water pump installed.

  2. Mestiza Mommy

    I think you are the most self absorbed, self centered, empty headed excuse for a human being I have seen in a long time. I am married to a Pinoy, and thank god, none of MY family is anything like you and yours!

  3. Howdy, howdy, cuz! I work with high school teen parents and most of the 25 kids that we have at our center are related. We advocate birth control but these girls excuse on teen pregnancy: “we wanna hold onto our man forever, even if we don’t end up together.” How do you think I feel about that. Yup, I’m still your ever “sungit” na ate. I enjoy reading your blogs. More success to ya! Laters sweetness.

  4. the world is a lot better without another hitler! choose better words for the fate of this common people. genocide is offending. should i feel sorry for their sake ‘NO’. that’s the life given and maybe choosen for them to do in this life. but we shouldn’t hold it against them and make it worse than what it is now. u r a educated person with well connected people. why don’t u do a non-profit organztn to educate them. give it a thought b4 you condemn them.

  5. None of your business

    You are ridiculous. At first I thought your shit was funny, but your Asian ass can end up just as poor. But at the rate that you suck dick, you know what’s next right?

  6. i was fascinated with your blog until i ran across this post.
    you’re so typical. i’m glad i grew up in the states away from my pretentious elitist cousins . . . away from people like you.
    had you bookmarked, but now i’m deleting it.

  7. ohdamn

    This post is important because a lot of the folks who read this blog aren’t necessarily individuals who would have otherwise accessed information like this.
    I agree you should choose your words more carefully but that is just you! brash and uncouth… love it or leave it

  8. Hey! Dude you are so cool. I am not gay or anything your site in mint!
    I hope a Hollywood producer discovers you.

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