I’m in love. New Versace bags are in, fresh from the boat … er… gondola from Italy.

I’m not a big Versace fan. Why? It’s just not me. I’m more of a Dior bitch.

Versace’s for prostitutes and mafia wives really.

But this one is an exception. Even the name is fucking brilliant: Chaos Couture Snap Out of It. US$1,545 @ Eluxury.com.

It’s gorgeous. I want it. It’s screaming my name. I haven’t seen Versace bags THIS gorgeous in a long time.This one will definitely go to my to-do lists. Think, think, think. Snap, snap, snap.


I’ll think about it. God I’m so tempted to buy this one. Think how gorgeous it is — it looks soo nice with a plain black or white tank top, some fitted jeans, some black flip flops and some Chanel glasses. Gorgeous. So so gorgeous! My account will nag at me though. Speaking of which, I spoke to her earlier this afternoon and talked about filling taxes early this year. She also wants all my receipts from last year’s expenses. Thank god I run my own business and not employed, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to deduct my shopping as "representation expenses" and "gifts".

Welcome to the Philippines though. As if you’d get audited by the taxing authorities. Even politicians underdeclare their incomes. At least I don’t.

This is the only country in the world, I guess, where you can classify US$4,000 sprees at Chanel as "charitable donations/deductions".

Hey… I’d take Chanel, or in this case, Versace, as a donation to my wardrobe. It suffered extreme hassle, emotional distress, pain and mental suffering from the tsunami. I just hope I get a piece of that US$1Billion dollar pie the United Nations is talking about.