Broken Promises… from Instanbul to Wellington

Written By bryanboy

After much contemplation, I’ve decided I’m not gonna be able to fulfill my promise to my Russian friends that I’ll come back to Moscow/SPB sometime on February.

Let’s face it, I’m no Hilton grandchild with a 9-digit trust fund. If I were to go to Russia next month, I’ll only have a couple of weeks to save $$$ — and I haven’t even received the credit card bills for all the Christmas shopping I did.

Earlier this morning, I was exploring my options. One of my new year’s resolutions is to visit at least 2 countries I’ve never been to before. Last year it was Russia… and boy a lot of my friends suffered from months of constant whingeing on how I want to go there badly etc… and then come October, bam, I was there.

This year, well, I want to go (again) somewhere "not normal".

FabianFor quite some time, I toyed around going to Ecuador, where New York Circuit Boy Fabian Basabe is from. If Ecuador made cute guys like him, then there’s probably an abundance of similar-looking guys where he came from. And yes, even if he does look like a retard sometimes, I think he’s hot… hot, hot, hot, hot, HOT!.

But Ecuador?

Can you seriously imagine me going to Ecuador?

Heck, I don’t even know where it is on the map. South America, definitely. But who cares.

2 other countries sprang to mind.

Turkey and New Zealand.

I’m no longer keeping it a secret that I kinda find

"Arabicishbutnotfullblownmosquegoingarabic" looking guys cute.

Yes, yes, I know, I know. When I was in London, I just mince and walk past their quaint kebab shops all over Edgeware Road. Some of them are hot looking, some are not — you know, the gorillabackhair types. I like the young, under-25 ones. They are really cute… and hot. Especially if they don’t have fullblown facial hair… just light stubble and the likes.


I’ve only been with 1 Turkish guy in my entire life and he was gifted… extremely gifted "down there". He wasn’t that bad looking either.

Plus, I saw this program on CNN ages ago and Turkey seems to be a safe place now that they’re "Europe". I give them A+ for Effort.

And why New Zealand? I really don’t know.


It’s far. It’s something "new" and god knows whether it’s civilized (i.e. cute boys, loads of good shopping, nice hotels, nice clubs, etc) down there or not.

I’ve never met a New Zealand person in my entire life and I know some beef and milk came from New Zealand. The Asia-Pacific version of the classic Wales sheep shaggers, perhaps? Who knows.

So if you were me, where would you go?

Turkey… or New Zealand?
Istanbul or Queenstown?
Ankara or Wellington?


  1. I’ve never been to Turkey, but we spent a month in New Zealand for our honeymoon. We would love to go back. Go to New Zealand. Go now. Tell them I sent you.
    You can see pics of our trip on my blog (nz honeymoon).
    While the places we visited and the things we did might not be quite your cup of tea, there are plenty of clubs and night life. I am pretty sure that Queenstown during the high season is just one big party.

  2. I visited New Zealand a few years ago and I loved it. It is soo beautiful! I enjoyed what I saw of Auckland then went all around the Coromandel Pennesula, Whittianga and more. It’s a very beautiful place. If you go to NZ, you’ll have a blast.

  3. NZ is pretty, but probably not quite classy enough, there is no fantastic shopping and fuck-all of a gay scene. It is likely that you will NOT get laid.

  4. Turkey – I was there for Eurovision last May and had a great time. Cheap, full of pretty Turkish men and you can book yourself for in saunas – happy finish depends on the one you choose.

  5. I actually came here after reading Tommy’s post (on mb) but then decided to have a look at your blog and found this post. Why did it interest me? Cos I’m from NZ :P I guess now you’ve met 2 NZ’ers *glances above*. Auckland is a bit more happening than Welly, more people bla bla bla however I myself being an Aucklander find the town centre of Welly to be more interesting shopping wise.

  6. OMG. I know I’m like 2 years old now, but I’m from NZ! Come here! You are awesome by the way.

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