There is a god afterall.

Written By bryanboy

Haaaaaaallelujah! There is a god afterall.

I guess we’re one of the lucky ones. We survived… with no damages whatsoever other than chronic boredom for a night.

The typhoon passed our house last night. I got up at 6:00PM yesterday and it was in full swing. If you were in our house, you’ll think it’s the end of the world. You can hear the wind giving the country a blowjob. It’s like, the sky is "crying" and there’s something wrong in the air. Thank god the winds were high so all we heard are like noises — there wasn’t even that much rain either.

We didn’t have power until dawn today. I spent the entire night doing nothing. I’ll sleep for an hour or two, get up for a bit, ask my parents whether there’s electricity or not… and when they said no, I slept again. It went on like that for far too long. Life is really hard if you don’t have electricity… or internet access.

My hand also normalized, after a disaster in St. Tropez. It’s back to its former glory. No more traces of Wacko Jacko, Whitney, Beyonce and Louis Vuitton on my palms.


I’ll keep you guys posted in a bit. I’m sooo backlogged with emails and work it’s not even funny.

BTW, thank you very much for all the comments on my posts. Keep them coming. I’ll respond to all of them in another blog entry — promise.


  1. Hey you. I keep surfing in from BE, thought I’d blogmark you this time as I love reading your posts. Glad your hands are back to normal. It’s horrible when you get that ‘I’ve been tangoed’ look. lol
    Keep up the good work anyway.

  2. Ah, Bryan — if only you knew how much sleep I’ve lost worrying about your hand. Darling, really, you had me in a fit.

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