Paul Van Dyk

Written By bryanboy

God. I just got up a couple of minutes ago.

Note to self: do not go clubbing on a weekday ever again.

I just got up after sleeping for 7 full hours. I don’t usually sleep that much but I was soo knackered when I got home.

I met up and spent quality time with an old friend (and his friends) last night at this Paul Van Dyk thing after a little more than a year of not really talking to each other. It’s a long story, but it was nice to see him again.  It was alright — there were LOTS of people, the tents were packed and everyone was dancing and on drugs. Although his music is nice, I’m not really into trance-y tunes etc. I like house and I like it deep. I like it vocal. I like it funky. I like it dark. I like it dirty.

CasualtyIt’s funny cause since 2002-mid 2003, pretty much each and every weekend consisted of going to clubs, popping pills, snorting all sorts of every imaginable powder available, from coca plants to horse anesthesia. Even if I did all sorts of stuff when I was much, much younger, that time has to the the most drug-fuelled period ever. I took a year and 6 month-long hiatus (i.e. detox) from that and I came back to the ‘scene’ yesterday and people are still doing the same thing.

Yesterday I told my friend we’ll try to be sober — not necessarily as sober as the pope… but no pills… or K. It was good. I had a couple of vodka red bulls until temptation struck us — chemical substances at times like this were inevitable. So off I got 2Gs of C. I gave one to my friend and I kept one for myself. I took 2 hits in the toilets and nothing else. I just couldn’t get myself to do more of it. I couldn’t be bothered at all.

OutfitI’m not dissing people who *still* do it. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against those people. I mean, it’s fun and all… but personally, after time, you just get sick of it… really sick of it. My father had always told me since we were kids, "too much of everything is bad" – and it’s true indeed. Yes, bad habits die last… but at least I evolved.

I think i’ll lay off chemicals for a bit (just as I have done for awhile now) and focus on some of the most important things in life — family, work and myself… without the influence of anything.

Anyone wants some leftovers then? I’d give it for free. *kiddin*

Last night’s outfit:

– Abercrombie & Fitch top
– Old Alexander McQueen Jeans
– Old cowboy boots I got at for $13 then I spray painted it silver
– Chanel bag and Chanel belt
– Urban Outfitters brooch that I put on the pocket
– Dior gambler bracelets
– Franck Muller watch


  1. I’ll take them…oh wait. You were kidding.
    Hello, I got here through Blog Explosion, and I love your site. It’s quite fun.

  2. Hi, I just came again here and am glad to see everything went ok for you regarding the typhoon. God bless.

  3. Oh dear… what a ghastly ensemble. Silver moon boots??? What were you thinking? And the HANDBAG? What are you? A girl? Methinks style is a concept that passed you by dear.

  4. yo. funny how most chicks dig this guy and dudes are confused about his gender. i think hes aiite, apart from the spraypainted boots and other christmas ornaments hes sporting. chemicals are for muppets though. this guys post about the guy that shops at target was kind of sad. louis vuitton, who gives a toss?

  5. when I run into style I’ll make sure they get in touch with you, because you absolutely have no style whatsoever…you look like a complete tool

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