I'm back to civilization.

Written By bryanboy

Track of the moment: "Ever After" by Bonnie Bailey (HedKandi Beach House 0404) Click the play button to hear it.

After a rather short 6 nights, I’m finally back to civilization. No more sea, sun and sand. No more cute Australian teens, pale, fat Brits and hairy Eurotrash people with their $3 prostitutes to see.

There’s so much stuff to tell but I really don’t know where or how to begin. I’ll just make a list and hopefully you’ll have an idea of what I’ve been up to etc.

1) Never, ever get drunk in front of your dad.
2) Never, ever tag a sibling along whenever you flirt with guys.
3) Never, ever tag a sibling along whenever a guy flirts with you.
4) Never, ever flirt with a hot, young, sexuality-unknown, Australian guy on holiday with his mom, dad, sister and a gay, blonde, acne-infested, pimple-faced brother. In fact, don’t even bother flirting with people who go on holidays with their families. You won’t just won’t go anywhere despite both of you wanting something to happen.
5) The older one wearing a baseball cap. Thorton family.  Your mom gave you a back rub on the motor boat. You also helped the porter lift my Vuitton suitcase so it won’t get wet cause the sea waves were hitting em. Whoever you are, you’re hot. You’re really fucking hot. Go online when you get back home in Australia, go to google, search for your family name and then Boracay… and then email me… and then let’s fuck sometime. You can fuck me good and hard. So much for wishful thinking.
7) This is the first holiday I had in my entire life when my 1:00 AMs were spent sleeping. A boring, fat, not-into-clubbing, sister to tag along with you is NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, EVER fun. Especially when her idea of fun is raiding the mini bar for snacks and watching boring HBO flicks at night. Her boring habits will easily rub off into you and you’ve got no choice but to spend the night in as well cause you don’t want to go out on your own.

Anyway, first batch of pictures are finally here. I’ve got more to upload tomorrow. I’ve got literally over 1,200 emails (work etc) to sift thru and I’m gonna do an all-nighter today.


Click the photo strip above to go to my photo album.

Here’s my fave picture of em all:


Ciao for now!


  1. Yay!!! The Diva is BACCKKK!!! Love the holiday pics, the rantings and yes, the music of the day is too fab :)

  2. sorry to say this, but you should work more on your abdominals. no offence, really… :(

  3. Letti: Thanks :) *hugs*
    TIGI: I know, I know. I need to lose weight and get rid of my tummy. I swear to god sometimes I feel like a pregnant bitch!!!!

  4. It would almost seem like you didnt have a good vacation from your list of never evers. But now you can go back to being up at 1am and having fun clubbing..without your sister ;)

  5. where did you get your music codes? i’ve lookin for that song (ever after) for the longest time.. could you send me the code? pleasse? thru email.. thanks ;)

  6. i like you web site!
    do you have a photo of bonnie bailey and biography?

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