Giving birth to a new… server!

Written By bryanboy

One of my "passive revenue" streams is selling web hosting services.

What exactly is passive revenue?

Passive revenue is basically an effortless source of income where you pretty much don’t have to do anything — or at least in this case, just minimal work. I probably get around mid-4 figures a year on web hosting. I don’t know the exact amount… my accountant knows it for sure.

And no. Passive revenue ain’t lying down on the bed with your legs spread wide and your orifice opened up to mankind and then ya get shitloads of cash from papa.

I get this Web Host Manager access where I create accounts for my hosting clients, email them all the necessary information to get set up and presto!

The only work involved other than the initial setup (which frankly, takes no more than 5 minutes) is the occasional, odd email when they have issues – i.e. when they made a wrong setting on their email client, or when the server had a brief downtime etc. But it’s all good.

Anyway. because of the number of hosting accounts that I currently have (around 180), I decided to get my own dedicated server, rather than one of those "shared server" things. This will allow me to give more space to my clients and a better control overall. Also, both my clients and I won’t share our sites with any other websites we do not have control of, just like in a shared server environment. 

The best part is, I don’t have to worry about the dedicated server cause it’s all fully managed — monitoring, updates, patches, everything… and I get 24/7 access to support staff and technicians.

The company I’m getting the dedicated server from is basically someone I’ve dealt with for almost 3 years – so I know these guys.

So yeah… I placed my order about a week ago and it arrived last Friday. They’re just configuring it now and I’m waiting for all the info. They told me to it should be ready either today or tomorrow – my fingers (and toes) are crossed.


  1. Hello,
    I have been toying with the ideal of starting a hosting business but im unsure where to start or how. Could you please point me in direction to go. I have a lot of extra space and bandwidth and would love to make and extra buck off of it.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. I have a reseller account with my hosting company, I would love to “resell” some of the space, but well, so far no takers. Though I am not a real company, just some girl with extra webspace to offer to unsuspecting teenagers or something like that. Hosting and having my own server seems like a pretty interesting thing to do, hardly any major work, and you get money for it …. humm… where do I sign up?

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