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I’ve fantasized about doing this for ages… I even bought a fake Burberry cap just to get this Kodak moment. Well, not quite. There’s no such thing as sovereign rings where I live and I just can’t stomach buying fake gold neck chains. Buying 1 counterfeit item (Burberry Cap) is already a cardinal sin, buying fake jewelry is the worst.

What exactly is a chav?

1. Someone who doesn’t know what Dior is.
2. Ghetto Trash British people… and I mean Ghetto, Trash, British people.
3. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=chav
4. http://www.chavscum.co.uk

In any case….

Marlboro Red
+ a bottle of Russian Standart
+ Fake Burberry Cap; it has to be fake. otherwise, you’re a fake chav if it’s real Burberry
+ Top Shop sweat pants
+ Lacoste polo shirt
+ Juicy Couture fleece hoodie





  1. Lol, you look like some of the college students here. In fact it’s terribly easy to imagine some guys I know dressed that way.
    By the way, I found a mistake in your image set:
    The bottle is still full!!

  2. I hate, hate, hate Juicy Couture. Those awful terry cloth skirts were the fucking limit: I could have bought a damn robe from some department store and made it myself. ARRGGHH!
    Okay, rant over. You look great darling, although I would have placed a bottle of Hypnotic in your hand instead.

  3. Dude you almost got it right…but…
    They don’t usually smoke Marlboro at all, hardly anyone smokes reds in UK and lights are for student tossers.
    Discerning chavs like me smoke B+H, the others smoke Embassy number 1, or the true gyppos smoke cheap bollocks like Superkings or Gold Mark.
    Footwear should be Timberland shoes (Real ones stolen from Kays).
    Definately missing out on the Sovereign rings though.
    Also most likely seen driving a Mark II ford escort with a slightly tubby blonde slut in the passenger seat, playing old school rave tracks from Altern8 and Fantasia.
    Other than the cheapest vodka in the off licence, can also be seen with cans of Special Brew.
    Clothing is slightly interchangeable too, the top can be any number of short sleeved checked shirts, lacoste polo’s or football shirts. Bottoms can be tracky bottoms, shell suit bottoms (in fashion for a while was kick-boxing trousers), or branded jeans (top picks, paul smith, versace, moschino).
    Nice post ;)

  4. The interesting thing here, is that there are people who wear those caps living here in London.
    I think Bill Gates should issue every Microsoft employee with one of those check-patterned caps. I also think Steve Ballmer should be made to wear his one whenever he addresses leading figures in the IT Industry.

  5. heaa mann am a fkn charva a dna who ya finkk ya hayte lykk yaz rr probleez soft azz fkk mann tra x

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