Social Suicide: I'm F-A-T

Written By bryanboy

Oh. my. god.

129My mother recently bought this digital weighing scale and she asked me to try it out. It’s been ages since I last weighed myself and I think I got a bit skinnier after going through 6 lipodissolve sessions (on my stomach and arms) before I left for my holiday.

Imagine genuine shock and horror when I found out my true weight.

A staggering onehundredtwentyfuckingnine pounds. At fivefuckingfeetnine short.

Never in my life I have been so obese. Ever. I have always thought I’m in the 110-117 pound range. Perhaps the digital scale was a cheat? Perhaps it’s the breakfast I just had? All I had on was a cotton t-shirt and boxer shorts.

That’s it. I’m really taking the Reductil pills I’ve been keeping. I stopped taking them yesterday because reading the insert made me freak out… I only took 2 capsules so far, one on Sunday and one on Monday.

Before I left for Moscow, my doctor told me it would be nice to meet up with her after my trip so we can "catch up" on things…. and now I’m terribly ashamed because I think I gained weight.

Ugh. I’m sooooo pissed at myself it’s not even funny.


  1. Wow. That’s not as bad as it sounds, though. I’m 5’4″, and if you knew how much I weigh, you wouldn’t feel so bad. Let’s chalk it up to being unsatisfied with your weight, since you’d have to be me to be f-a-t…

  2. Just depends on how tall you are too.. Cuz 129 for me is ultra skinny for my height… :P I’d be paper thin.. Well, best of luck.. The link to lipodissolve didn’t work.

  3. Five foot nine and 129 pounds? Girl, don’t get all Mary Kate Olsen on us. Eat something… two tic-tacs a week, whether you’re hungry or not…

  4. You think you’re fat at 5’9″? Everyone keeps telling me how skinny I am, and I’m 5’6″ and 125lbs… and a model. If you’re seriously worried about your weight, something’s wrong.

  5. 129lbs. at 5’9″ is NOT obese. Not even close. To bring yourself down to the 110 range I think would dangerously low. Have you been excersizing or training? If so, remember that muscle weighs more than fat. Here is a link to a height vs. weight chart.
    According to that chart, you’re at the low end of your ideal weight even for a SMALL frame.
    It sounds like you need to work on your self esteem instead of your body, before you start having health problems. Because there’s nothing wrong with your weight.

  6. I’ve been browsing your site to see how f-a-t you are in the pics and I must say that you’re not fat at all but ultra-skinny instead. You might think you are fat because you don’t have tight skin, if this is your case I would recommend you to make some kind of soft exercise (I don’t mean going to a gym or some torture like that but avoiding taking cabs or cars as much as you can and going from place to place walking).

  7. Comparatively, since I’m 5′-3″ and 170, a rescue squad will soon come to my house and cut a giant hole in my wall to airlift me to the hospital.
    Body image issues, much?

  8. 5’8″ish here and 170…not exactly fat, definiately not skinny but most yummyfrickenliciously comfy…ease up on yourself hun, theres more to life than lipodissolve and such *smiles n winks

  9. Stephanie

    Oh, please! You have no clue what being obese is like. You aren’t even fat. Get over yourself and get on with your life. When you hit 300lbs, we’ll talk.

  10. hi there bryan. you’re not obese! and far from that. at 5’9″ and 129 lbs. you’re thin! you’re underweight! stop thnking you’re obese coz you’re not.. you’re not even normal weight.. i’m 5’2″ and i weigh 100 lbs.. see? and i’m normal size.. underweight at that..

  11. If weighing 129 pounds gets you that upset, I’d hate to see what a real problem would do . . .
    Get over it. Do some exercise. Stop wearing lip gloss and sweat a little.

  12. Oh you sad individual. You think YOU’VE got problems? Try being worried sick about whether you’ve got cancer or not before you erroneously cry crocodile tears about being “overweight”. For your height and weight you are on the “underweight” part of the bodymass index. Fool.

  13. ok dont u dare say ur fat no way~!ok u wanna hear bout fat ok im 5’6″ and 165lb ok my mom called me fat and by the way im 13!my doctor says i have A TON of muscle and its clinically proven that i have very slow metabolism and very slow bloow flow so just stop w/ the crap!

  14. Wow sweetie, if you get any bigger we might have to start wheeling you around. Might be all the lip gloss you have been wearing, I will only wear mine if I know its fat free. Yours must be last season lip gloss. Cha….see ya tubby.

  15. lauren

    first off i think your bullshit
    im 129 pounds and 5’8 i think i look fine. you just want attention
    get a life

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