Pushkin Palace with Russian Gangsters

Written By bryanboy

Oh my god. Guess what I did today?

Thanks to my friend Sasha (an English Teacher at a Naval Institute), I met like 7 Navy Cadets from Lenkom Naval Institute. We hired a big black Mercedes van and we went to Pushkin Palace in St. Petersburg to see the Amber room etc.

It was crazy. Me in my little camouflage outfit and them in their little black clothes, pointed-toe shoes and pants… they look like Russian gangsters. I swear to god everyone in Russia wears black. Boys, girls, men, women, everyone.

All the Navy Cadets were suprisingly friendly… at first glance they look very butch, very scary and very gangster-like. I probably have never been surrounded by that much testosterone in my entire life.

When we arrived in Pushkin, we went to a cafe first to have some drinks… then we walked to Pushkin Palace… everyone warmed up to me etc.

I’m actually supposed to fly back to Moscow today but I decided to extend my stay for 1 more night in St. Petersburg. I should’ve extended my stay longer. This is why I hate travelling… I always seem to meet the best people towards the last day or two of my visit. *sigh* Definitely next year I’ll visit St. Petersburg again…

Outside Pushkin Palace

Inside Pushkin Palace with my Navy Cadet Friends – Pic was blurry because Sasha’s hands were shaking… probably ;)

Surrounded by Testosterone. Crazy!!!!!

Sasha and Andrey

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