My last night in Москва with my close Muscovite friends

Written By bryanboy

As always, all good things must come to an end and I’ve spent my last night in Mockba with some of my closest friends.

Mark and I had dinner at this Chinese restaurant in Tverskaya called Peking Duck. I’ve been there once before with Sasha and Andrey and I liked the food there. It was the only place in Moscow, that I know of, where I can have a full Asian (non-sushi) meal… meat, vegetables, rice, etc.

I wanted Mark to try Chinese food as he had never had it before. We ordered some beef in oyster sauce, some vegetables, rice and then a roasted aromatic duck (the one you roll etc). I loved the food but he didn’t… he ended up ordering a kebab as well.

After having dinner, we went to this internet cafe/bar/club called Phlegmatic Dog, near the Kremlin wall. Use of the internet is free with any order. We had vodka and Jaguar, a red bull-like drink that a lot of navy cadets drink in St. Petersburg. I quickly checked my emails while he browsed some stuntriding and biker websites — he’s a biker by heart. He loves stunt riding and he used to have a motor bike in South Russia that he sold in order to move to Moscow.

After 15 minutes, he told me to look at the windows… so I did.

And I saw the most amazing thing ever.


It was snowing…. on my last night in Moscow.

One of my top reasons why I visited Russia at this time of the year was to see snow because I haven’t seen it in ages. But according to them, this year has been quite warm… I’ve been in Russia for 3 weeks and I haven’t seen snow… and today it was snowing.

He told me to go out and enjoy it… so I did. I took a quick walk near the Kremlin wall and the ground was covered in frost…. small snow flakes falling from the sky… to my hands and my face… for me it was just plain old wonderful.

After my little snow encounter, I went inside to pick Mark up because the bar was closing. Jane called me up telling us she’s in front of the Kremlin on the main road, waiting for us. She (and my other friend Kate) wanted to meet me up that night because it was my last night.

We went into her car and we went to Open Cafe, this cafe-cum-club. Unfortunately, there was a private party inside (I think it was some DJ’s birthday party) and they can only let people in with invitations, despite Jane and Kate having club VIP cards.

We then settled to go to Soup Cafe, a cafe near my hotel. Jane and Kate were a little hungry and gagging for a snack. They had some salad and some pasta, while I had a crab thingie.

After eating, we chilled out for a bit and both girls decided to go home. It was the last I saw of Kate; Kate is this russian girl of Korean origin – her parents were Korean but she was born and raised in Moscow. I swear to god she was the only Asian person I knew… and probably have seen in Moscow.

Kate is quite nice and very thoughtful. Jane and Kate gave me a box full of Russian presents, such as the matreshka dolls, a couple of babushka keychains, an amber necklace, a mini panting with amber stones in it, a couple of magnets, etc.

It’s funny how I got to know these people. I went to Fabrique, on my 2nd night in Moscow with Simon. Upon exiting the club, I approached Kate and told her "oh my god I swear you are the only asian-looking person in Moscow!!" and the usual "where are you going sweetie", "how are you" etc. We exchanged digits and hanged out since then. Kate then introduced me to Jane, blah blah blah.

I also met Mark on the same night. He was in Fabrique alone, etc etc etc. ;)

I’d say the three of them are my closest friends in Moscow. They really took care of me without wanting anything but company. Very genuine and sincere people; I wish the world is full of them. :)

Anyway, Jane and Kate brought me and Mark back to the hotel. I spent the next 5 hours packing all my bags (until around 8AM), while Mark browsed the internet. And yes — he’s straight. And yes, we’ve slept on the same bed, close to wearing nothing… and nothing happened. He’s a very good friend — imagine him watching me pack all of my stuff until 8AM. Nobody with a decent mind would do that!!! He told me he won’t leave until I’m finished packing and then we can formally say our goodbyes etc…. he really DOES care!! And yes, he’s got a girlfriend. LOL


  1. I went back to your earlier posts to see what you were like prior to the website surging in traffic. I loved this post! I just got all warm inside. :-)

  2. “Very genuine and sincere people; I wish the world is full of them. :)”— Until this day, I wish the same thing, Bryan.
    How nice of Mark also. I wish more people are like him too. Just plain good person. Willing to stay before the moment of goodbyes… wow… I never imagined there are Russians like them!:D
    OMG… I just remembered one Russian saying that they value friendship a lot… adding that with sibblings, you dont have a choice, but with friends… You know what I mean.

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