Mark… and Jane… and me.. lonely in Moscow

Written By bryanboy

Meet some of my friends in Moscow – they don’t know each other btw.

Mark is a complete weedhead. ;) He lives in this tiny little flat in Moscow. He’s straight (goes out with a girl called Victoria). Mark is really sweet — he takes care of me and his friends as if we’ve known each other for a long time. His dad works in England and he lives by himself.

And meet Jane. Jane is actually quite well-off for Moscow/Russian standards. She’s an amazing girl. I met her through another girl called Kate, whom I met at the Fabrique club. She invited me to her flat and it’s brilliant. She went to school in Cambridge so her English is quite good. We’re both Urban Outfitters addicts. Her dad is a businessman – they own the Russian representative office for Daikin (a Japanese company). She drives an Audi. She brought me to tons of places, showed me what a Russian supermarket looks like (lol), drove me around at 4AM… etc. I’ve been hanging out with her almost every day since Monday. She might visit me to St. Petersburg this Saturday. I love Jane – she’s the best!

And this is me, taken a couple of minutes ago… it’s 11:27PM here in Moscow on a Thurrsday. I haven’t shaved for like 2 weeks. I need a bloody razor – I’m starting to get facial hair. Eeeew. I’ll ask the hotel later.

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