Icky clubbing pictures

Written By bryanboy

Dsc_0144_1 For some strange reason, a couple of people took pictures of me when I went clubbing in Moscow and St. Petersburg. God knows where they published my pictures. 2 people sent me a message on this Russian personals site I joined  telling me they found me etc. My skin looks bad, the lighting is poor, I’m all sweaty, I’m probably not sober, my pose is shit and it’s just not right!




On that page, I’m on picture #s 10, 11, 12, 19 and 21. Yuck!

I wanna crawl up and die.  So so embarassing. :(


  1. If it’s so embarrassing, why did you republish the links with explicit directions on how to find you? You don’t sound embarrassed to me.

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