Home doesn't feel like home.

Written By bryanboy

It feels so weird to be home. It’s been several days since I got back and I’ve only been away for only 3 weeks and it’s like my house doesn’t feel like a "home".

I hate this odd, after-travel feeling. It’s one of the nastiest feelings ever. I simply could not function. I can’t work. I can’t reply to all of my work-related emails.

For the past 36 hours, all I’ve done is email some people, talk to a few of my clients, spent an enormous amount of time on BlogExplosion, paid some of my bills, sent a FedEx envelope to the USA, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, browse some sites, etc.

Nothing productive, to be honest. Even my body clock is fucked up. I’ve been sleeping at 2PM and getting up at around 8PM when normally, I sleep at 4AM and get up at 11AM.

How long would it last? I have no idea. I definitely need to get my act together. I’ve got lots of pending projects, waiting clients, etc.

I’ll keep you posted in a bit.

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  1. How did you get that music player (flash) on your site? Do you have code for that? Let me know, I’d like to have it…

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