Excuses… and white lies

Written By bryanboy

My friend Jane wanted to bring me to this club called Caligulla but I told her I’m gonna call off the night because I had to wake up early tomorrow. I know myself when I go clubbing — I drink an awful lot, do some stuff and dance till it’s 6 or 7 in the morning.

Prevention is better than cure.

So off I went to the hotel, checked my emails a little bit and then Mark’s friend Valery called me to checked what I was doing. She said she had 2 friends who wanted to see me and asked if they can drop by at my room and maybe we can all have a chat. I said ok — as long as we’re not going out etc cause I had to wake up early tomorrow.

Fast forward 1 hour later, Valery, Natasha and Yulia (the one with the blonde bangs) arrived.

All girls are soo soo fun. Natasha’s english is great. Whereas Yulia… oh my god, Yulia is just like "Bubbles" from Absolutely Fabulous. She’s one crazy girl – she’s a journalist of some sort for some Russian Music/MTV-like channel. She likes to make these little facial things which are sooo cute. I have this body shimmer powder thing and we played around with it like little teenage girls. LOL.

Natasha, Moi, Yulia at my room

Yulia, Natasha, Valery

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