En Route to Moscow

Written By bryanboy

God knows how many times I changed my plane tickets to Moscow.

I was supposed to fly back on November 11, then I changed it to 6:30PM today, then I changed it to 10:30PM. I skipped the 6:30PM flight coz I decided to meet Andrey halfway to the airport so he can buy tickets to Moscow as well. He’s going here tomorrow, November 13, until Monday morning. We’ll hang out, party and whatfuckingeva! :)

Here’s a pic of him at a bar in Pulkovo airport. It’s funny cause he hasn’t heard (or had) a "vodka red bull" in his entire life. I mean, hello, that’s because they drink vodka by the glass, without anything else. This is Russia, afterall. ;) So yeah… when we went to the bar, he got a vodka red bull for him… and one for me. He liked it. :)

He’s quite cute, isn’t he? I swear to god pictures don’t do him justice. He’s soo much cuter… and fitter in real life. You will literally melt when you see him. Ugh! I don’t even wanna talk about him or else I’d go gaga. I just can’t wait to see him in Moscow. His flight arrives at around 6:30 or so PM on Saturday and I’ll see whether or not I’ll pick him up cause I might see Jane today.


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